Why Short Sale Your Home With LJ

  • 95% short sale success rate, in getting your home approved by your lender(s)

  • 90% success rate in getting you money for "relocation assistant" (Up to $10,000 for you to move)!

  • Local San Diego broker with 15 years of experience 

  • Certified "Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource" specialist

  • No upfront cost fees to you

  • Discrete selling options - No signs / No Open Houses

  • Cancel your listing at anytime

Short sale your home with a #1 agent in San Diego  

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Is A Short Sale Right For You? 

If you're in the difficult situation where staying in your home doesn't seem financially viable. If you are behind on your payments then a short sale might be your way out! Lenders typically prefer to allow for a homeowner to complete a short sale over foreclosing on the borrower because it's less expensive for the lender.  In many cases the lender will allow for relocation assistance in some cases up to $10,000. 


I am a certified "Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource" specialist with extensive experience in short sale and foreclosures.  I understand how to best approach your lender and give you the best possibility of getting your short sale approved!  Additionally, I hire a dedicated negotiating team to communicate with your lender at no cost to you. 

There are many reasons to attempt a short sale on your home.  If you have lost income for any reason you may qualify for a short sale. 

Top Reasons Allowing You to Qualify For a Short Sale

  • Loss of income

  • Personal hardship 

  • Separation from a spouse

  • Medical bills

  • Excessive debt

  • Home price drop in value

  • Behind on mortgage payments 

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Did you know many lenders offer up to $10,000 of relocation assistance at the closing of escrow?  Please contact us to see if you lender offers an incentive! 

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We use all the current technology the

real estate industry offers! 

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We've sold hundreds of home in San Diego County! 

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